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Nourished Nurse

-A Breathwork Experience-

Come hang out with us for a refreshing wellness activation designed for nurses. Join us for breathwork, journaling, and scrumptious treats.

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Nurturing Well-being One Breath at a Time

Alisha is a dedicated healthcare professional with nearly two decades of experience in community nursing. Alisha is passionate about empowering individuals and communities to achieve optimal wellness and well-being. We focus on serving historically marginalized communities. Alisha specializes in holistic healthcare consulting, emphasizing the importance of self-care, mindfulness, and resilience.

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Services Offered

Individual Consultation

Tailored to empower personal growth, resilience and compassionate support.

Workplace Wellness

Fostering resilience while addressing unique challenges. Elevating workplace wellness for thriving teams.

Gender-Based Violence & J.E.D.I. Consultation & Workshops

Empowering change through advocacy, education, inclusive programming and workshops.

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